Wild Bee Forest School in Oxfordshire

Wild Bee Forest School in Oxfordshire

Today in the Cycling Businesses Directory we feature Bea of the cycling forest school – Wild Bee Forest School.

This project is at the heart of what we are doing here at By Bike so I am so glad to have them as our second entry. Here is my favourite quote from Bea from her answers below;

Having the bike means that I practice what I preach and that makes me happy!

Who are Wild Bee Forest School

We run forest school sessions for schools and a popular preschool toddler group mostly on council-owned woodland. For those that don’t know what forest school is, it’s an ethos of education that’s growing in popularity here in the UK and which originally hails from Scandinavia.

In Scandinavia, formal schooling doesn’t begin till about the age of 7, but prior to that most children go to kindergarten which involves a lot of child-led learning in the outdoors.

Schools here in the UK are cottoning on to the fact that this has great benefits for children of all ages, so we work on a freelance basis for schools and provide 2-hour forest school sessions for groups of 15 children at a time as part of their school curriculum.

We also run a weekly session open to the public for preschoolers and toddlers and their carers. Because we run our sessions on council-owned sites, we have to bring all our kit in and take it away again at the end. Typically this includes hammocks, rope swings, tarps, bug hunting paraphernalia, thermoses and hot drinks, water for handwashing, fire bowl, fire fighting equipment, water for putting out the fire, and a variety of other stuff!

None of our sessions are too far from home so an electric cargo bike seemed the perfect way to transport everything. It bypasses the terrible Oxford traffic, takes us right into the woodland (instead of having to park at the edge and walking everything in), is eco-friendly and cheap. Buying the bike is the single best purchase I’ve made since I started running forest school. 

Which bike? 

I ride a Babboe Big E. The E bit is important because I have to cycle up and down Headington Hill, at least weekly and must carry close to 80kg of kit (though I’ve never weighed it – but I do carry a lot of water- there are no taps in the woods!)

Why cycle? 

I’m a keen cyclist anyway, I used to race mountain bikes, and commuted by bike in London in my past life as an office worker.

I used to use the car for transporting my kit and although that bothered me in many ways, it was the terrible mismatch between the environmentally unfriendliness of driving a diesel car a mile through bad traffic to my forest school site. Running a forest school session focussing on nature, the environment and its conservation and driving the distance to do that in a car just didn’t add up and I wasn’t happy about it.

Having the bike means that I practice what I preach and that makes me happy!  

I also get from A to B much faster through Oxford by bike as compared to the car, I get fresh air and exercise, I can get right to where I need my kit to be instead of having to park some distance away and then wheelbarrow my kit into the woods, plus I get to ferry my kids around in it when I’m not doing forest school!

Which areas are covered? 

Mostly east and central Oxford, but all of Oxford would be viable!

Contact Wild Bee Forest School

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Website wildbeeforestschool.com

Facebook WildBeeForestSchool

Instagram @WildBeeForestSchool

Twitter @WildBeeForestSc

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