Wednesday’s Cycling Tweet from Modacity

Wednesday’s Cycling Tweet from Modacity

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This is a new feature which I hope to include on a Wednesday each week. The idea is to get you all chatting about an idea which someone has put out there in a tweet and get your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

This week’s tweet comes from @Modacitylife which is run by Melissa and Chris Bruntlett who are the authors of Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality (aff).

If you’re on Twitter and are yet to follow Melissa and Chris go ahead and follow them now. They have a unique insight into cycling culture in urban areas and have some very thought-provoking tweets.

About this week’s tweet

This week’s tweet really spoke to me as a cyclist. Last Friday I went along to Oxford’s third Critical Mass Bike Ride.

The thing I like most about Critical Mass is that I get the opportunity to cycle next to and socialise with some very interesting people whilst pedalling around a city which I love.

This Friday I got to chat with two other local cyclists (also on Twitter @bigdamo and @paultroop) amongst others and had a lovely time.

As a family when we are cycling, we’ll often cycle two abreast as well to have a natter as we go and enjoy the experience together.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this week’s tweet in the comments section below.

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