Richard the Cycling Gardener in Oxfordshire

Richard the Cycling Gardener in Oxfordshire

I want to kick off this hopefully ever-expanding series of posts featuring businesses which have forgone cars and vans for the humble bike to deliver their services. I’ll make a start with my business Richard the Cycling Gardener.

Who is Richard the Cycling Gardener?

I am a one-man team with a passion for organic horticulture and always garden with nature in mind. I live on the Oxford Canal with my wife and our two children and I am keen on growing food – especially in my no-dig vegetable beds. For me, healthy plants start with healthy soil, which is why I have an interest in home-based composting.

Which bike?

I have an 8Feight bike with box. The bike has 8 gears and is purely human-powered as it has not got an electric assist, so it is all pedal power. In the box, I am able to carry all the tools needed for my customers on any given day. I have although had to update some of my tools so that they can all fit.

Why cycle?

The global youth strikes led by Greta Thunberg and hundreds of thousands of children throughout the world had the largest impact on my decision.

That as well as I had always felt that driving around in a dirty diesel van was something that was contrary to my businesses ethos – being local, organic and with nature in mind. The van just didn’t fit in where the bike certainly does.

One fateful day last year and within a month of attending the global youth climate strike in Oxford with my son, my van broke down. Within hours the decision to become Richard the Cycling Gardener was made and within the week the bike was ordered.

Not only now is my business saving hundreds of pounds each month, but it has also meant one less van on the road – meaning less congestion and less pollution.

Which areas do you cover?

I mainly cover Kidlington but also visit North Oxford, Yarnton, Bladon, Begbroke and Hampton Poyle on a weekly or fortnightly basis. All of which is in around a 7-mile radius

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