Open letter to a Close Passer

Open letter to a Close Passer

Dear close passing motorist,

We meet almost daily – sometimes several times a day. I’m the cyclist on the bicycle going about my day and your the person in a car, van or lorry who passes me within a few feet.

Just imagine for a second. We all love to feel in control, but what if for that split second that our journeys run in parallel that something took that control away?

What if I needed to swerve for a pothole, or my chain came off and I fell? What if you misjudged your distance from me or you yourself had to swerve to miss another car approaching?

What if you hit me? Imagine, because every time you close pass me on my bicycle, this is what I imagine – and it haunts me.

I imagine the pain of the paramedic as they have to pronounce me gone. I imagine the courage of the police officer as they have to stand on that doorstep waiting for the door to open to tell my wife, children, mum and dad what you have done.

I imagine the pain you would have given my family – my young son and daughter. A pain that they will carry with them for life – a pain that you will have caused.

I imagine the pain in the dark nights that you will experience as you try to come to terms with what you’ve done, struggling to get to sleep and knowing that this moment will never leave you.

I imagine the pain which you will cause to your family as they too try to come to terms with what you have done.

Once I have gone, it is too late to change that day you took me.

But I am not gone. This is my nightmare, but it is not yet our reality.

In order to keep both our lives and those of our families from this tragic conclusion, I ask you one thing.

From this day forward make a pledge never to close pass a cyclist again. We are both road users and as such should respect each other. We are just two people free to go about our days – let’s keep it that way.

Kind regards,

A Cyclist

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