Is cycling the way to travel during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Is cycling the way to travel during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Can our transport decisions help protect us from, and reduce the impact of the coronavirus?

Data from the four East River Bridges in New York may prove that New Yorkers certainly think so. On Monday cycling on these bridges was up a huge 52% as people went about their business.

Compared to 14,000 cyclists who crossed the bridges on the same day last March, 21,300 crossed on cycle this Monday even though it was 12 degrees colder.

Is Using a Bike for Transport the Best way to Avoid the Coronavirus? from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

Do you feel safer cycling?

It’s an interesting subject and I wonder if many of these first-time cyclists will see a greater life change going forward.

Is there still a risk from buttons at crossings? That’s the only thing I could think of which might need touching during a cycle commute.

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