I carry too much stuff to cycle

I carry too much stuff to cycle

“Look mate, you’re in cloud-cuckoo-land if you think I can cycle to work… I have way to much stuff to carry in each day…”

Sound familiar?

Carrying on from my last two posts about cycling being too expensive and being too unfit to cycle, I wanted to cover another myth – I can’t cycle as I have too much stuff to carry.

A few months ago a software technician made this claim on Twitter. He said that cycling would never work for him as he had to carry around laptops and related gubbins with him.

Here was my cargo bike yesterday…

This was the 8Feight cargo bike yesterday ready to take me to three of my gardening customers. I could have carried more, but this is all I needed for the day.

I was carrying…

  • Lawnmower (Fiskars Reel Mower)
  • Scarifier, hoe, rake (lawn and leaf), weeding knife, broom and handles by WolfGarten
  • Strimmer with spare fuel
  • Secateurs, knife, pruning saw
  • 5kg of grass seed
  • 2 kneeling pads
  • Ball of string
  • Bulldog garden fork and spade
  • Hand fork and trowel
  • Garden waste bag
  • Spare strimmer cord
  • Hammer – lump and claw
  • Tool lubricants
  • Lunch
  • Spare wheel, innertubes and bike tools

And these are just the pieces I can call to mind before my morning brew…

You just need the right bike for the job!

I am hearing exciting things about local district nurses planning on using cargo bikes to carry themselves and their equipment through Oxford as the council are looking to introduce a low emission zone. With the right bike, the possibilities are endless. You just need the right cargo bike for the job and hey presto – one less van or car on the road!

There has been an explosion these last few years in the use of cargo bikes and the old excuse of having too much to carry is becoming more and more redundant day by day. This is especially true if like me all your clients are within a 7-mile radius. You can even get electric cargo bikes to make commutes even easier.

What can be carried?

Here are some people over on twitter and what they have been carrying.

What sort of things have you carried on your bike?

I’d love to hear in the comments section below what you have carried on your bike and about the adventures it took you on. Let me know in the comments section below or over on Twitter or Facebook.

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