Hiplok Gold Belt Bike Lock – The Friday Review

Hiplok Gold Belt Bike Lock – The Friday Review

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I was recently in Oxford for a meeting before the Critical Mass bike ride later that evening. I had got ready in a bit of a hurry and although I had brought my cable lock with me, I had forgotten my keys. Luckily the meeting was in the Town Hall and they had somewhere safe I could lock my bike whilst there, but getting a new lock had been on my mind for a while so I popped to the local bike shop.

I settled on the Hiplok Gold belt lock.

Why I chose Hiplok

For weeks now I have been looking at various locks, reading online reviews and even looking at some videos testing the security of various different locks. Here is one of the Hiplok in action.

Security for me was a must as I have in the past had a couple of bikes stolen when locked at bicycle racks in the city.

I wanted a lock which would mean that anyone trying to steal my bike would have to make an incredible amount of noise to do some and it would also take them some time to cut through the lock itself.

Pros and Cons of the Hiplok Gold belt lock

I have been using the lock each day now for a week and here are my thoughts so far.


  • Very easy to carry. This is a real bonus for me as ease of carrying was not on my radar when considering to buy. Once on and I’m riding I don’t really notice it is there. It doesn’t affect riding at all.
  • It is gold rated. This is an incredibly strong lock which I would imagine most would-be bike thieves just wouldn’t bother coming near.
  • It’s reflective. Although it does come cheaper without the reflective covering, the lock which I chose does have it so I am much more visible whilst riding.
  • Easy to use. Because it’s around my waist, locking my bike could not be simpler. No more rummaging in pannier bags for chains and shackles.


  • It’s not that long. I can only lock one wheel and the frame to the bike rack at once as it is only around 85cm long (the actual chain bit – not the belt which is much longer, which is good as I am overweight!). Having said that, I typically only ever lock my frame and front wheel at bike racks anyway.
  • It’s not cheap. Mine came in at around £90 which was pricey compared to the myriad of locks on the market. I guess though it is much cheaper than replacing a stolen bike and as I am car-less I save a ton on fuel, insurance and mechanics bills so it’s was worth the investment.

Alternatives to the Hiplok Gold belt lock

My conclusion

I have come to the conclusion that this is the ideal lock for me and I am happy with it. It won’t suit everyone’s pocket though and as above there are cheaper alternatives which still offer a high level of security.

I shall be ordering one soon for both my wife and son to use whilst they are out cycling.

Over to you

I’d love to hear what your experiences have been which the various locks which you have used. Why not post in the comments section below and let me know your thoughts on bike security.

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  1. Fran Smith

    HI Richard,

    Thanks for the review – always love the real world feedback! Your gardening cargo bike sounds awesome – we’d love to see a pic of it with the GOLD 🙂


    Team Hiplok!

    1. Richard

      Will send pics when back on laptop. Thanks for reading 😊💚

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