Cyclists – Just like normal humans, just way more AWESOME

Cyclists – Just like normal humans, just way more AWESOME

Getting to know the local cycling community over the past couple of months has been a fabulous experience – even for me, a chap who couldn’t be more socially awkward if he tried. They are such a lovely bunch.

The tireless work of ‘BUGGERS’ up and down the country have paved the way for better cycling infrastructure and safer cycling. I should clarify that bugger is an unofficial term I learned a few years back and is a person who is a member of a local B.U.G or Bicycle User Group – a team of local bicycle users who campaign for better and safer cycling.

It’s not just the buggers though…

Where we’re based most of the time in and around Oxford there is a whole host of cycling initiatives and active travel campaigns working to make the city less polluted, safer for all citizens whether they walk, cycle, take public transport and even drive. I wanted this post to be a SHOUT OUT for all their hard work in the hope it will inspire other cities, towns and villages.

I also hope that cyclists and other groups will post what’s happening nearer to them in the comments section below so that I and other readers can learn what’s happening in other areas and be encouraged to do something similar where they are.

Cycling initiatives in Oxford

Feel free to SHARE this post far and wide. Not only will it help me out massively in encouraging people to come and read my post – after all, we creatives love when people read our work. It will also help to give well-deserved kudos to these Oxford-based initiatives.

  • Cyclox is a group which I joined a few months back which campaigns for safer cycling in Oxford. Their aim is to get more people cycling, more often and more safely.
  • Broken Spoke is a place I have found useful many a time. They run open workshops with just about every tool imaginable where you can go and fix your own bicycle with a skilled person there to offer support and suggestions if needed. They also sell secondhand bikes and offer a bike repair service.
  • Wheels for All is a project which I am yet to visit but one with an amazing mission – to provide inclusive cycling facilities for people with a variety of needs.
  • Critical Mass Oxford is something we love to take part in. Who wouldn’t relish the chance to cycle around the streets in a mass crowd socialising and chatting with fellow cyclists as you go?
  • Cycling Without Age Oxfordshire is a new addition to the Oxford cycling community. The aim is to take those with reduced mobility out on bike rides.
  • BikeSafe is a local campaign to get a cycle/pedestrian route along the B4044 between Eynsham and Botley. Many years ago I cycled along this road a few times. The scenery is lovely, but it’s such a shame it can’t be enjoyed safely.

How’s the cycling community where you are?

I’d love to hear of cycling projects both in the UK and around the globe. Do you have something regular which you take part in or have you got plans to get something off the ground sometime soon? Either way, I’d love to hear what you’ve got going on in the comments section below.

Supporting me as a writer…

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  1. John Blackie

    Richard, I admire your work in bringing riding a bicycle to more people and your idiosyncratic style which adds a fresh dimension to the whole “cycle more” initiative. I think you could add BikeSafe into your list of local campaign groups. We are small, single issue campaign group. Our aim is to have a shared use path built between Botley and Eynsham (the B4044 path) to complete a route from Oxford station to the A40 roundabout north east of Eynsham.

    For 6 years Oxfordshire County Council did not “hear” our campaign although they knew about it. We submitted a petition of 4000 names to Cllr Hudspeth in 2014 – which he ignored. Now they are on side having included the B4044 path into their A40 dualling plans. Mainly because Cllr Constance is a supporter. Then they withdrew it from those plans and brought down on themselves a heap of opprobrium. Since then they are co-operating with the BikeSafe team. We meet regularly (or have done) they are preparing to apply for planning permission in the summer (an application they send to themselves!). and they are scouring the government coffers for some money to build it.
    We have a web site which we don’t update as often as we should, but it’s content is valid still.

    1. Richard

      Thanks for the feedback John!

      Maybe I should pop over some time and write a post on the campaign and the route? From memory, there is a nursing home on the Farmoor to Botley section. I am a trustee with Cycling Without Age Oxford. Having a cycle path for when we get a bike in that area would be a must for the nursing home to be included in the project, so fingers crossed they get moving on it soon.


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