4 Reasons to NEVER Cycle

4 Reasons to NEVER Cycle

Although I have cycled at various times in my life since that fateful day and on that unforgiving tarmac surface when I first learnt to ride a bike. It has only been recently, after becoming car and van-free, that cycling has become a daily thing for me and the family.

With this in mind. Here are my 4 reasons to never cycle – you’ve been warned!

1. No more excuses…

On a bicycle, you are not going to be able to use the old excuse of being stuck in traffic when you’re late for work, because you’ll be whizzing past that as standard. You’ll also have no defence, when asked, against popping in to get that pint of milk or spuds for tea from the local shop on the way home.

At least with a car, you can claim there was no parking space or there were long tailbacks. With a bike that type of slacking is ancient history.

2. Breakdown of relationships

That’s right. Regular cycling (along with a healthy-ish diet apparently) may lead to a breakdown in your personal relationships – namely the ones with your doctor and your gym instructor.

Since swapping my van for a cargo-bike, just over 4 months ago, and eating a bit better, I have lost around 20kg. This has massively reduced my chances of getting type 2 diabetes, something of which is prevalent in my family history, and also heart disease and some cancers.

This means that trips to the GP’s in the future will more than likely be sparse and trips to the gym will be nonexistent.

How I’ll miss those guys!

3. The money

It will come as no shock, but riding a bike day-to-day is much cheaper than owning a car or van. An everyday bike used for personal errands could save quite a bit each year and along with a cargo-bike used for work, shopping and bulky items, a cyclist could save many thousands of pounds each year.

Just think of all those hardworking underpaid motor mechanics, oil companies and vehicle dealerships who ain’t getting a penny out of these selfish cyclists – will no one think of the poor under subsidised pins which keep our economy the way it is?

4. The environment

If we all took up cycling and life behind bars (handlebars) became the norm then it would go a long way in the fight to tackle climate change.

And with the promise of warmer summers and landlocked counties being closer to the beach with the predicted sea level rises, who cares about that – we’ve got to get our priorities straight!

Coming clean…

OK, so I have pretty much hand my tongue wedged firmly in my cheek whilst writing this.

In the short time I have been a fulltime cyclist these last few months I have fallen head over heels in love with life behind bars. The feeling of freedom is intense on a bike – and the smug feeling you get whizzing past long queues of traffic is incredible.

In short, I am healthier, happier, more connected in my community and I have saved a ton of money too. It is a great feeling to have made the transition of ditching the fossil-fueled vehicles whilst our kids are young as I hope that cycling will now become a lifelong habit for all of us.

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